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We offer a wide range of services all of which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

• Project review: One-off consultation/review of an on-going or proposed project. A useful service recommended for establishing and confirming viability, value and performance of a project currently undergoing planning and/or construction. If you have lost confidence in or have doubts about your current project professionals, we will comprehensively review the design, contracts and other related information and quickly formulate an expert unbiased analysis. Many veterinarians lack specific expertise in design and construction methodology and rely upon proper advice which may or may not be dispensed with integrity.

• Owner’s representative: We’ll oversee and monitor all aspects of the project from design to completion. An inexpensive option which provides full project oversight whereby your interests are fully protected. Idiotic design blunders are identified and revised. We renegotiate any unreasonably priced bid or estimate and replace the vendor outright if price modification is untenable. Unforeseen costs and “upcharge’s” are managed efficiently or in many cases eliminated outright. We’ll provide definitive, cost effective solutions as on-going problems arise and prevent unnecessary expense where it is not warranted. We’ll provide a comprehensive summary in writing, detailing the services to be provided.

• Complete Turnkey Design & Construction: We design and build your entire project utilizing in-house resources. This path eliminates expensive architect and engineering fees. Design and plan delivery is faster. You’ll have PDF format preliminary plans within a week. The overall design will incorporate your exact requirements coupled with our recommendations. We’ll bid out all third party vendors on a side-by-side basis and obtain detailed quotes broken down by category. You approve all aspects of the bids and contract before work begins. You pay all sub-contractors directly. There are no mark-ups, price add-ons or “commissions”. You pay the bid price only, which will be the least expensive of the three original bids obtained.


If you have veterinary facility planning and construction requirements,
please call for a complimentary consultation.

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