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Dr. Mickie Moniello, DVM. Bayshore Veterinary Hospital, Holmdel NJ

After purchasing a 5000 sq. ft. building in Holmdel NJ we hired an architect and contacted a builder to create a new veterinary hospital. Acorn got involved with the project after the plans were drawn up but before we hired the builder. Mark reviewed the plans and the quote from the builder under consideration and quickly pointed out the numerous design errors in the plans. More importantly, Mark demonstrated that the quote was excessively over-priced by demonstrating specific areas in the quote which could be contracted for less money.

We hired Mark and his team.
He immediately reworked the design resulting in better work flows and greater efficiencies. He relocated all the windows in the exam rooms which provided more natural light.

But without a doubt, the most valuable contribution of Marks involvement in the project, resulted from the new quotes he obtained for the work to be done. The savings were astronomical! He was able to shave over $300,000 from the original estimates, by reducing the costs for plumbing, electrical, AC, equipment and management fees. He designed and had installed, for a fraction of the original price, a centralized oxygen system. No more lugging bottles of oxygen around! He changed the proposed HVAC system from 2 zones to 3 and lowered the cost from $110,000 to $45,000.

We now have a beautiful facility which Mark completed on schedule and significantly under budget. If you are considering building a new Hospital and wish to keep the costs manageable, I recommend Mark and his team without hesitation.

Dr. Bill Freedman, DVM. Animal General Hospital, Edgewater, NJ

In 2005, my wife and I built a dog day boarding and physical rehabilitation center in a strip mall in Edgewater NJ, located three doors down from our veterinary hospital. The buildout took 6 months longer and $200,000 more than expected. As a result, I have been very reluctant to expand my current 1700 sq. ft. hospital.

Since that time, we have grown to a 5 doctor hospital and could no longer avoid the necessity of expansion. So when the opportunity arose to expand into the adjacent storefront, we decided to expand. The landlord provided 3 months of free rent to complete the construction, so time was of the essence.

Soon after hiring a local architect, it was apparent that he lacked the knowledge and expertise to do the job effectively.

We called Mark Reimbold from Acorn Veterinary Design based on a favorable recommendation. After listening to his ideas and suggestions, we hired him to oversee the job. Within 3 days he presented working drawings of his design which we tweaked for a week or so, resulting in a layout which matched precisely our requirements. His expertise in plumbing, HVAC, and electrical negated the need to hire an engineer.

Mark was also instrumental in helping me choose a General Contractor and ensure all the necessary work was included as dictated by the design. When the contractor wanted to charge over $40,000 for change orders, Mark challenged the estimate resulting in a $30,000 reduction.

He made frequent on-site visits to ensure the work was undertaken per specification and is always available to consult on any item that may arise during the construction. Being a busy practitioner and not wanting to take excessive time away from my family, I couldn't have done the project without Mark and wholeheartedly recommend him for his design, construction and management services. Please contact me with any questions at wdvm@earthlink.net


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